Important Treatment Information

Your Personalized Treatment

We develop an individualized treatment plan based on your input and treatment team’s evaluation. This plan will be reviewed and updated every week, or as needed by the Multidisciplinary Treatment Team.

Your Therapy Treatment will include the following:

  • Process Group. These groups give you an opportunity to openly discuss the issues that concern you, get feedback from others about specific problems and receive information and direction from a therapist so that you can be successful after your discharge.
  • Psycho-educational Groups. These groups choose various evidenced based topics based on the needs of the group to help provide members with education and discussion about appropriate coping skills.
  • Community Meetings. During these meetings, you and other patients will discuss unit rules, the schedule for the day and announcements.
  • Nursing Education Group. A nurse will provide education about some of the medications you take and how medications can help you get well, as well as other topics related to your health.
  • Recreation Therapy Groups. You and other patients will participate in a variety of activities that promote relaxation, wellness and education.
  • Multi-Family Group. Social workers lead these groups in which patients and their families receive education about treatments and can have their questions answered.
  • Family Therapy. These sessions are based on your individual family needs. You may request a family session by asking your assigned therapist.
  • Discharge Planning. We begin thinking about your discharge as soon as you are admitted. We believe that ongoing, thorough planning for discharge during your admission is critical for your success. You and your social worker can schedule your follow-up appointment prior to your discharge.
  • Smoking Cessation. Garland Behavioral Hospital promotes the health and wellness of our patients and our visitors by establishing a smoke-free facility.  Smoking cessation materials are available, as well as nicotine patches.
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