Our Expectations

The key to the success of your treatment is your willingness to participate in all aspects of the program.  The program is designed to share tools and principles to help ensure your success.  We hope you will partner with us in doing the following:

  • Be Engaged. Participate fully in and to learn from the treatment program designed for your benefit. Utilize all of the resources that are made available to you. We ask that you will be open-minded about the information presented to you and seek a positive attitude about your treatment.
  • Be Honest. Be willing to be open and share with others in group therapy sessions about your problems and need for treatment. This may mean revealing even more than you intend; but secrets about your history and patterns only increase the chances of relapse.
  • Be Solution Oriented. We encourage people to set reasonable goals and to work on reaching them. Follow the treatment plan you and your treatment team establish.  If you have questions or concerns about your treatment, talk to your psychiatrist, social worker, or nurse.  The staff wants to be a source of support; but can only help if you tell us about issues.
  • Respect Others and Yourself. Be aware of your speech and behaviors in order to be kind to yourself and others. Everyone desires respect. We expect you will maintain control of your behaviors in order to help us maintain a therapeutic environment. Seek out staff to help resolve disagreements if someone else is not being respectful.  Also maintain others confidentiality. Everything that occurs while in the hospital should remain in the hospital.
Excellence is our standard.
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