Adult Psychiatric Program

Garland Behavioral Hospital treats adults who are in immediate crisis situations and focuses on helping them restore healthier life functioning. We work to accomplish that goal through specialized treatment programs and medication management.

Our adult psychiatric program is for people who are struggling with depression, anxiety or other mood disorders. Patients who require admission to our inpatient acute programs are often experiencing significant impairment in functioning at home, work and school or within the community. This may include being a danger to themselves or others, displaying a serious impairment in judgment or psychotic features that place individuals at risk.

Among the challenges we face in our treatment programs are patients who have:

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Chronic depression
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Bipolar disorder or other emotional and mood disorders
  • Behavioral problems, such as aggression or physical harm to themselves or others
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Chemical dependency, including prescription drug abuse

The treatments provided to patients in this program:

  • Are individualized, based on patient needs and developed by the patient’s treatment team
  • Includes group, family and individual therapy as clinically indicated
  • Involve support people as available, appropriate and approved by the patient
  • Focus on a whole person approach, engaging family and the patient’s support system to help improve wellness and prevent relapse
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