Geriatric Program

The aging process can be confusing and frustrating, and can lead to mental health issues for people who do not make a smooth transition into older age. In addition, the aging process can lead to physiologic problems, such as dementia.

The Geriatric Program at Garland Behavioral Hospital is designed to provide help to older adults in need. The goal of this program is to help older adults regain the highest level of daily functioning and independence that is possible.

The medical director of Garland Behavioral Hospital is Board Certified in Geriatric Medicine, which makes him well qualified to treat this population. The geriatric staff at the hospital are experienced in caring for people who have Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Some older adults experience depression, anxiety or behavioral disturbances, such as agitation, along with cognitive changes. In addition, many elderly people suffer from failure to thrive, which is not a single disease or medical condition but is rather a nonspecific manifestation of underlying physical, mental, or psychosocial conditions. The Institute of Medicine defines Failure to Thrive as weight loss of more than 5 percent, decreased appetite, poor nutrition and physical inactivity, and often associated with dehydration, depression, immune dysfunction and low cholesterol.

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